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Delivered without compromise

Delivered without compromise


At CB Technology we recognise that in the dynamic business environment in which we operate, an effective and efficient supply chain process is critical to the success of a company and its customers.  From the initial prototyping stages and throughout the complete product life cycle, we work closely with our customers to ensure we have the optimal supply chain solutions in place for each stage of the development.

Providing Agility and Value Add

Our comprehensive approach encompasses all aspects of the Supply Chain process, with our primary focus being on ensuring we provide the optimal material cost, whilst retaining the flexibility to provide the highest level of responsiveness. We categorise our approach into the following 4 key activity groupings;

  • Review & Assessment Phase

    A comprehensive review of Customer documents and information, focused on ensuring all critical factors are identified and fully understood.

  • Planning & Scheduling Phase

    Alignment of Customer Needs, with detailed supplier, resource and equipment planning, to establish the optimum strategy and schedule

  • Procurement Phase

    Structured purchasing activity focused on achieving the optimum balance of cost, lead-time, flexibility and excess & obsolescence

  • Inventory Management Phase

    Optimised management of components/sub assemblies and finished product to support production and delivery schedules

At CB Technology we believe that our long experience in delivering complex electronic solutions based on a low volume/high mix (LVHM) demand pattern has enabled us to develop a Supply Chain mindset, methodology and processes that differentiates us from approach taken by more traditional EMS suppliers.


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