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Our Areas of Expertise

Industry and Instrumentation

CB Technology has a long established presence within this sector, working with a portfolio of clients encompassing well established OEM's and a range of highly innovative SME's developing leadership positions in their chosen fields. The combination of our prime location (in the heart of Scotland's Industrial Belt) and our highly flexible and responsive approach has proven to be a strong USP for clients across a range of different sectors.

High Precision and Reliability

Our ability to deliver the highly accurate and highly reliable electronic products required by customers in this sector, has enabled CB Technology to establish a broad range of OEM partnerships focused on supporting existing production requirements as well as the continual development and introduction of new products. 

CB Technology have active customers and developments across a range of Industrial sub sectors.

  • Automatic Test Equipment

    CB Technology have long standing partnerships with several customers producing Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). The requirement for continually evolving, highly complex electronic kits are the key dynamics of this sector.

  • Condition Monitoring Equipment

    The ability to monitoring a parameter or condition of machinery is becoming increasingly important within the Industrial sector. Highly responsive electronics with strong connectivity are the key requirements for electronic solutions in this sector.

  • Instrumentation

    The increasing use of instrumentation as a means of observing and monitoring performance, has created a growing need for highly reliable & highly accurate electronic solutions. Our relationship with a number of leading customers in this sector, has enabled us to stay at the forefront of industry developments

  • Process Control

    Highly reliable electronics capable of operating accurately and continually for long period of time are typical characteristics associated with this sector. CB Technology's experience in delivering products with similar attributes to the Oil and Gas sector has positioned us well for serving this sector.

  • Imaging

    The increased use of imaging for observation, tracking or measurement purposes is an extremely fast growing sector. Challenging electronic requirements around speed, accuracy and minituarization make this sector a strong fit with our services and capabilities.

CB Technology's development activities and portfolio of customers across a variety of Industrial applications and sectors make us the supplier of choice for electronic manufacturing solutions for the Industrial and Instrumentation sectors.

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