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Our Areas of Expertise


Since 2001, CB Technology have been successfully delivering electronic products and solutions to the worlds leading Oilfield Service companies. The successful delivery of over 30,000 downhole systems over 2 decades, has firmly established CB Technology as the leading supplier of electronics manufacturing solutions to the Oilfield Service Industry.

Specialised Expertise and Experience

The proven ability to deliver downhole electronics capable of operating in high pressure, high temperature, high vibration environments for prolonged periods of time has enabled CB Technolgy to develop a range of highly translatable skills and capabilities applicable to a broad range of similarly challenging applications within the Oil & Gas sector.  Our ability to offer our clients a full range of services including component screening, PCBA, programming and testing, burn-in, final configuration as well as the assembly and testing of full systems makes us the supplier of choice for electronic manufacturing solutions for the Oil & Gas sector.

CB Technology have active customers and developments across a range of Oil & Gas sub sectors.

  • Downhole Monitoring Systems

    Our experience has identified that the prolonged exposure to high pressure, high temperature and high vibration in this application, makes this one of the most demanding applications for electronic systems

  • Surface Logging Systems

    Robust electronic systems capable of withstanding challenging environmental conditions, focused on reliably and accurately acquiring, monitoring and analysing real-time operational and drilling data.

  • Sub-Sea Systems

    Equipment used in sub sea applications for geological, drilling or mining activity, require highly tested and highly reliable electronics in order to withstand the challenges of a deepwater environment.

  • Wireline Data Logging

    The use of wireline technology for well intervention, requires electronics products capable of withstanding repeated, rapid exposure to harsh high temperature environments

  • MWD & LWD

    MWD & LWD applications require electronic sensor packages capable of withstanding the high vibration, high temperature environment associated with drilling operations.

  • Completion System

    The cased-hole systems utilised are specified to withstand challenging high pressure/high temperature environments, which provides unique challenges for electronics used in these applications.

With over two decades of experience and proven performance with the worlds leading Oilfield Service companies, CB Technology is the supplier of choice for electronic manufacturing solutions for the Oil & Gas sector.

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